How many days a week can I train?
You can take classes up to 6 days a week with multiple classes per day if you choose to train in multiple arts at the same time. We are closed on Sundays except for special events such as seminars, tests, and tournaments.

What about other arts? Do you offer more than one? Yes, we offer 7 different Martial Arts. They are as follows:
  • Submission Grappling
  • The Lissajous Weapons System
  • Kenpo Karate
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Chin Na
  • Muay Thai
  • Live Action Weapons
  • Yoga

Do you take beginners?
Yes, all levels of students are welcome. Even people from other styles of martial arts.

Do you teach adults or kids? The Studio offers classes for both. Each age group has its own class beginning with Little Griffins for ages 3 -5. Kids classes are for ages 6 - 12. Adult classes start at age 13 and go up from there. Some students have even began their training at Ethereal Arts at the age of 72.

Is it safe for me / my child? Yes, classes are both safe and fun. You are welcome to come in and try two free classes in any martial art we offer, meet the staff and other students, look around and see for yourself. The training area floors are padded for protection and there are Olympic quality gymnastic mats for learning falling and rolling skills.

Will my child be learning weapons? Weapons are only taught to students that have reached Blue Belt and above in Kenpo Karate, and only with parental permission. There is also a separate weapons class for anyone that would like to specialize in weapons training.

My interest is more fun and exercise than martial arts. While we take our training seriously we also like to have fun, in fact many students become friends while training here.

How much does it cost? The base package is $139 for 12 classes per month with the exception of Tai Chi which is $69 a month for 1 class per week and $79 for 2 classes per week. Additional packages are available with more class times and private lessons are $30 per half hour.

Is your school better than school (X)? That decision can only be made once you have seen the school and spoken with students and instructors face to face and had the opportunity to gauge everything for yourself in person. We do what we do and let you decide if you like our school over any others.

Have a question that you don't see here? Please email the school director here.

(978) 897-8585 118 Great Rd. Unit 1 Stow, MA 01775